Feliz Tango Festival - 2019
September 19-22

Feliz Tango Festival - The Happy Tango Festival!

The festival is looking forward to meeting with love everyone, who will come to this great celebration of Tango.
You are welcome from the 19th to the 22rd of September, 2019.

The magnificent Marcela Duran will be inaugurating the Festival!
She is the legend and embodiment of all feelings and emotions that one can see in tango. Marcela is the Muse, Partner and faithful heiress of ideas and style of the great maestro Carlos Gavito.

We are honored and happy to present you two more couples of fascinating and amazing maestros of the festival:
 Joe Corbata & Lucila Cionci,  Jose Fernandez & Martina Waldman from Argentina
Ruslan Takhirov & Nataly Atepaeva from Russia.
Argentine folklore will be presented by enchanting
Fernando Romero Chucky from Argentina.

Many more surprises, presents and gifts are awaiting our guests at the festival.
We are proud to present you the most wonderful places for milongas and lessons with wonderful floors. The fantastic and renown DJs and many remarkable dancers will create awesome atmosphere.

We will be all the time with you, helping, answering questions and assisting in all matters.
The team of organizers: Dmitry Liferov and Alena Pisareva (Perm), Olga Solonitsyna and Alexander Kuzmin (Chelyabinsk).
And we will try our best to make sure you catch your bird of happiness, pull out your lucky ticket and dance your best tango!!!


Marcela Duran

Known as “The Woman of the Tango” she is an icon of the Tango scene around the world.
    Marcela Duran, Internationally acclaimed as a master teacher and iconic performer of the Broadway show Forever Tango, she has increased viewer's interest in learning the tango through her presence and style, an influential mentor of many argentine tango teachers and social dancers worldwide. She and her partner Carlos Gavito developed a dramatically close tango embrace in which both dancers leaned forward against each other.
   Her first connection with the tango was thru her father, a bandoneón player in the tango orchestras in Rosario, Argentina, where she was born.
   She has worked as a dance teacher for the Argentine Government, specializing in modern dance and tango. 
She started to dance the tango in 1988 at Salon Canning. Walking the tango for many years, and dancing with the great “milongueros” at that time, she has absorbed and learned the essence of tango.
   Following her dreams to spread the tango around the world, she came to San Francisco to perform with Forever Tango in 1994.
 She also performed at the Strand Theatre in London in 1995 where she partnered the legendary “milonguero” Roberto "Alemán" Tonet.  Subsequently to her engagement with the show in England, she danced for ten years with Carlos Gavito performing two classics of the show: "S.V.P" and "A EVARISTO CARRIEGO".
    With Carlos Gavito, Marcela performed for the series "Evening at Pops" with the Boston Pops Orchestra broadcast by PBS.
    She was part of the original cast members at the Broadway premier of Forever Tango at the Walter Kerr Theatre in June 1997 when the show was nominated for the Tony Awards and Drama Desk Awards for Best Choreography.  
    Marcela performed at the Spoleto Festival in Italy and toured through USA, Canada, Europe and Asia with the show.
She has also performed at the Colon Theater Opera House in Buenos Aires in 1999. In 2000 she became the World Champion of the Dance Sport Championship (International Dance Organization) on Argentine Tango. 
For ten years they were teaching around the world with Carlos Gavito sharing their passion for dancing.
   They were the perfect example of how one can dance the tango on stage without loosing the essence of this popular and beautiful Art form.

    She was also a member of the cast in the Broadway Production of Forever Tango at the Shubert Theatre in 2004. During the period of eighteen years of her association with the show she has performed and taught in 100 cities around United States, Canada, Italy, Portugal, England, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai, Mexico, Greece, Israel, etc...
    Once again in 2013 and for the third time! she performed with Forever Tango as the icon of the show at the Walter Kerr Theater on Broadway where the show made its premier in 1997
    Among all the reviews and comments on her remarkable career, a phrase from the review of the San Francisco Chronicle on December 24, 2010 on her performance with Forever Tango, immortalizes her name as one of the Great Divas on the History of Tango:

"The patina of a great tango dancer can be found in the remarkable Marcela Duran. With her partner they are the least sensational couple on stage, yet they're almost worth the price of admission."

Joe Corbata & Lucila Cionci

Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata founded in 2007, "Formula Tango", the union of years of experience in individual events and festivals.

Surprising is the great plasticity and expressiveness of their dance that presents innovative choreographic elements and a particular and personal way to improvise. This led them to participate to the major Tango Festivals in the world. Argentina, Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Turkey, Holand, Ukraine, Spain, Korea, South Africa, Russia, Canada, USA are the World countries where "Joe" and Lucila showed an original philosophy of teaching getting excellent response from students at all levels.

Jose Fernandez & Martina Waldman

Dancers, Coachs, Teachers and Choreographers of Argentine Tango.
 They have started dancing when they were 9 and 11 years old in the discipline Tango Stage, and some years later they have trained with big teachers and Milongueros in the discipline Tango de Pista, become like this versatile dancers, complementing their dance also with another artistics disciplines.

They both have started their professional carreer when they were 18 years old being part of the most prestigious Tango shows in Buenos Aires and after winning the World Championship in 2008, in Tango Stage category (Jose Fernandez), the work doors were opened to start travelling on the world teaching and showing their art in Festivals and Milongas, as well as being part of the cast of the internationals companies like: Tango Fire; Immortal Tango; Tango After Dark, Break the Tango with who´ve been involved in the TV competition America´s Got Talent in 2017.
More than 10 years of experience endorse, and more than 8 years dancing together, this young couple, fresh and talented travel the world teaching Argentine Tango like Art and Culture, couching couples for the competitions, training elite and professional dancers and being in many occasions they are convened to play the role of juries in competitions in Europe, Asia and Latinoamerica.

Ruslan Takhirov & Nataly Atepaeva

This is one of the best couples in Russia.
"... They are imbued with the spirit of tango!
They have gone through so many stories in and around Buenos Aires that not enough for one volume of memoirs.
In the homeland of tango, this pair is known and recognized by many famous maestros and milonguero.
They are incredibly danced, they are real on the dance floor and beyond .... "
"... Their dance is incredibly musical, sensual, filled. A dance that you watch and live from the beginning to the end is one breath. It is a flow of energy that fascinates and inspires.
Looking at them, you understand that there is a Soul in the dance! ... "
For many years they became prize-winners, finalists and vice-champions of the Argentine tango competitions in Russia, Europe, Buenos Aires.
The finalists of the "Mundial 2018" in Buenos Aires.
Ruslan and Natalia have been creating their Tango together for about 10 years!
They love and believe that happiness can be danced!

Fernando Romero Chucky

Fernando Romero, known among his friends as Chucky, is a versatile dancer of Argentine tango and folklore. He extensively uses his extensive dance skills in his performances and lessons.
Fernando began to dance Argentine folklore as a child, participating in local competitions. Next was the work in the ballet My Chunkitay, receiving national awards. From 2003 to 2006, he toured various folklore festivals organized by the CIOFF in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France and Canada. Later in Buenos Aires, he participated in various dance groups of modern folklore.
By 2010, he was hired by the DNI tango school and joined their excellent teaching staff. From time to time leaving Argentina, he continues to specialize not only in folklore, but also in tango, learning from Pablo Villarrasa, Martina Maldonado and Maurizio Hella.
In addition, he joined the Malambo team at Quli Gomez to perform at the Chimelong International Show in China.


We invited the most charismatic masters of milongas.





"Feliz Tango Festival - 2019" Program

THURSDAYSeptember, 19


1) 15:00-16:15 - Jose & Martina (Structures, conexion and comunication in the couple)

2) 16:30-17:45 - Ruslan and Natalya (Interaction in the couple, as the key to an interesting dance (changing levels of movement, breathing))

3) 18:00-19:15 - Marcela Duran (Special exercises for strengthening the skills of tango dancing)

4) 19:30-20:45 - Joe & Lucila (All is important. A journey from the embrace to the first step.)

     22:00-03:00 - Milonga "Opening of the festival"


FRIDAYSeptember, 20


5) 12:00-13:15 - Joe & Lucila (Connection in the couple: An experience through the use of energies.)

6) 13:30-14:45 - Marcela Duran ("La mujer del tango" Part 1. Slave technique and vocabulary - smooth movement, gait, exquisite technique, posture of different tango styles, axis control and dissociated movements. Elegance of the slightest leg movements )

7) 15:00-16:15 - Ruslan and Natalya (Traditional figures and kaminaty in the tango salon)

8) 16:30-17:45 - Jose & Martina (Quality, simplicity and energy)

9) 18:00-19:15 - Marcela Duran ("La mujer del tango" Part 2. The voice of a woman is the power of the slave. What do we dance? What does the role of the slave consist of? The power of the slave to create beauty and freedom. Jewelry and musicality)

10) 19:30-20:45 - Joe & Lucila (What is Time, what is the Rhythm? Your differences and exercises.)

       22:00-05:00 - Great Night Milonga


SATURDAYSeptember, 21


11) 12:00-13:15 - Marcela Duran (Is the Tango Apilado equivalent to the Tango Milonguero?)

12) 13:30-14:45 - Ruslan and Natalya (Interpretation of music on the example of different orchestras (movement contrast, expression of different musical instruments))

13) 15:00-16:15 - Joe & Lucila (Waltz: Turns with changes of directions and application of elements.)

14) 16:30-17:45 - Jose & Martina (Milonga Lisa and Traspi)

15) 18:00-19:15 - Ruslan and Natalya (Management of the general movement in the milonga. Using space through the redirection of movement)

16) 19:30-20:45 - Jose & Martina (Choreographic sequence and musicality)

       22:00-05:00 - Grand Milonga with Orquesta Social Del Tango


SUNDAYSeptember, 22


17) 12:00-13:15 - Joe & Lucila (Milonga: Precision and quality in the speed.)

18) 13:30-14:45 - Ruslan and Natalia (Cadencia, rhythm, use of circular movement in tango-waltz)

19) 15:00-16:15 - Marcela Duran (Spiral and circular chimney in Gavito style cross system)

      19:00-21:00 - Concert Orquesta Social Del Tango with performance of Argentina and Russia couples​
      22:00-03:00 - Milonga "Closing of the Festival"

Argentine folklore​ with Fernando Romero Chucky

FRIDAYSeptember, 20
1) 15:00-16:00 Chacarera
2) 16:15-17:15 Zamba
SATURDAYSeptember, 21
3) 15:00-16:00 Zapateo & Zarandeo
4) 16:15-18:15 Pena

Schedule of classes

September, 19
15:00 - 16:15
Lesson №1

Structures, conexion and comunication in the couple

Jose & Martina

September, 19
16:30 - 17:45
Lesson №2

Interaction in the couple, as the key to an interesting dance (changing levels of movement, breathing)

Jose & Martina

September, 19
18:00 - 19:15
Lesson №3

Special exercises for strengthening the skills of tango dancing

Marcela Duran

September, 19
19:30 - 20:45 pm
Lesson №4

All is important. A journey from the embrace to the first step

Joe & Lucila


September, 20
12:00 - 13:15
Lesson №5

Connection in the couple: An experience through the use of energies

Joe & Lucila

September, 20
13:30 - 14:45
Lesson №6

"La mujer del tango" № 1

Marcela Duran

Techniques and vocabulary of the follower – fluidity of movement, elegant techniques, posture in various tango stiles, control of axis and dissociated movements. The elegance of the slightest leg movements!

September, 20
15:00 - 16:15
Lesson №7

Traditional figures and kaminaty in the tango salon

Jose & Martina

September, 20
16:30 - 17:45
Lesson №8

Quality, simplicity and energy

Jose & Martina

September, 20
18:00 - 19:15
Lesson №9

"La mujer del tango" № 2

Marcela Duran

Woman’s voice is the strength of follower. Poetry, humanity and magnificence of tango. What do we dance? What does the role of follower include? The strength of follower to create beauty and freedom. Adornments and musicality.

September, 20
19:30 - 20:45
Lesson №10

What is Time, what is the Rhythm? Your differences and exercises

Joe & Lucila


September, 21
12:00 - 13:15
Lesson №11

Is the Tango Apilado equivalent to the Tango Milonguero?

Marcela Duran

September, 21
13:30 - 14:45
Lesson №12

Interpretation of music on the example of different orchestras (movement contrast, expression of different musical instruments)

Jose & Martina

September, 21
15:00 - 16:15
Lesson №13

Waltz: Turns with changes of directions and application of elements

Joe & Lucila

September, 21
16:30 - 17:45
​Lesson №14

Milonga Lisa and Traspi

Jose & Martina

September, 21
18:00 - 19:15
​Lesson №15

Management of the general movement in the milonga. Using space through the redirection of movement

Jose & Martina

September, 21
19:30 - 20:45
​Lesson №16

Choreographic sequence and musicality

Jose & Martina


September, 22
12:00 - 13:15
Lesson №17

Milonga: Precision and quality in the speed

Joe & Lucila

September, 22
13:30 - 14:45
Lesson №18

Cadencia, rhythm, use of circular movement in tango-waltz

Jose & Martina

September, 22
15:00 - 16:15
Lesson №19

Spiral and circular chimney in Gavito style cross system

Marcela Duran

Argentine Folklore

September, 20
15:00 - 16:00
Lesson №1


Fernando Romero Chucky

September, 20
16:15 - 17:15
Lesson №2


Fernando Romero Chucky

September, 21
15:00 - 16:00
Lesson №3

Zapateo & Zarandeo

Fernando Romero Chucky

September, 21
16:15 - 18:15



DJ: Fernando Romero Chucky



HERNAN ROCK – bandoneon and arrangements
NICOLAS QUINTELA – double bass

All the musicians of the orchestra have long musical experience in tango as well as in other musical styles.
Their repertoire is based on traditional arrangements, recalling such orchestras as Carlos Di Sarli, Florindo Sassone, Juan D’Arienzo, De Angelis, Troilo among others. Also the quartet plays argentine folklore.
Throughout the last two years “La Orquesta Social del Tango” has participated in different festivals and milongas in different countries: Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Norway, France, Switzerland among others.


Silver Pass

3 classes at chioce
+ all 8 milongas

105 €

Gold Pass

6 classes at chioce
+ all 8 milongas

175 €

Platinum Pass

all classes
+ all milongas

300 €

Student Pass 3

any 3 group classes with maestros of festival

70 €

Student Pass 6

any 6 group classes with maestros of festival

135 €

Student Pass 9

any 9 group classes with maestros of festival

185 €


Milonguero Pass

all 8 milongas

55 €


Pre-Party Milonga

20 €


Day Milonga

15 €


After-party Milonga

20 €


Night Milonga

30 €


One group

25 €

The City Star Hotel

The City Star Hotelis chosen for comfortable guests accommodation and holding all milongas of the festival.
The City Star Hotel is a modern hotel, situated in the center of Perm five minutes away from the most picturesque point of interest of the city – central quay of the Kama river.
The hotel’s big conference hall (330 square meters) with wide windows, the newest ventilation system and excellent sound will turn into a comfortable space for dancing in a style of Argentine milongas. During all the days of the festival the hotel will be an “island of Argentine tango”.

There is a studio school “TangoLife” in a nearby building, where group and private lessons with maestros would take place.

Good transport accessibility attracts as well. You can easily get to the place of holding the festival due to the convenient traffic interchange of Monastyrskaya, Popova and Komsomolskiy prospect streets.
The way from Bolshoe Savino airport (PEE) would take not more than 30 minutes and the way from Perm-II railway station - about 15 minutes.

All the rooms of the hotel are decorated in soft pastel colours and concisely and cosily furnished.
There is everything you need for comfortable accommodation in the hotel.
The rooms are equipped with air conditioning so you can easily match a pleasant temperature for you.
Personal lockbox, TV and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel building are at your service.
Modern interior and atmosphere of hospitality would certainly please you.

There will be special HAPPY prices at the hotel for the participants of the festival:
From 1300 rubles per night for a person (including breakfast buffet).
Booking should be made only through the organizers.
You should match it in the registration form if you wish to live in the City Star hotel.
You should mention if you prefer single accommodation (2600 rubles per night) or match a person you wish to share your room with.


Feliz Tango Festival

the Happy Tango Festival


e-mail: feliztangofestival@gmail.com